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    Formed in 2001, The Capital Appeals Project is responsible for handling the direct appeals in capital cases, those in which a death penalty has actually been imposed.  Handling the appeals in capital cases includes the direct appeal in the Louisiana Supreme Court and, when professionally appropriate, filing for writs to the United States Supreme Court.   LAP is not involved in capital appeals at all, so do not notify LAP for such appeals.

    The Capital Appeals Project maintains a full-time office in New Orleans.  The contact information for all of the staff is:

636 Baronne Street - 3rd Floor
New Orleans, LA  70113-1004
Office = (504) 529-5955
Fax = (504) 558-0378

    All indigent capital appeals must reflect that the Louisiana Public Defender Board is appointed to handle the appeal.  It will be very helpful if you have such a case to contact CAP directly and immediately.  It is also appropriate to notify the Capital Case Coordinator for LPDB directly to report such cases:

301 Main St Ste 700
Baton Rouge, LA  70801-0029
Office = (225) 219-9305
Fax = (225) 219-9326


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