These forms are designed for use by the trial attorney, who has all of the appropriate information which they want us to know in preparation for our receipt of the appeal.  Family or friends seeking information or services for a defendant should use the Comments page.  These forms are not immediately responded to as we await formal appointments, so family or friends will be disappointed by the delay.  


NEW REPORT OPTIONS (PREFERRED METHOD OF REPORTING) -- Public defenders will see an option on the client page of the public defender data system to click a button to send the appeal. Clicking that button pops up a form where it is possible to enter information which will become a note attached to the automatically created LAP database entry. NO other report is necessary.

Our second choice, for those not using the public defender database and in an effort to make reporting easier, and recognizing that many attorneys send a report after the entire matter is complete, we have designed a single comprehensive report, to be completed on-line. To complete the form online, click