Providing appellate defense in non-capital, felony cases

April 13, 1997

James H. Looney
Executive Director
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Covington, LA 70434-3340
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Region ** Supervising Attorney
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Appellate Counsel
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Mr. Client
***** Parish Jail
P. O. Box *****
*****, LA 7****-****

RE: Appeal of State v. Client

Dear Mr. Client:

You were recently sentenced by the district court. Your trial attorney filed a Motion for Appeal on your behalf. I am your attorney for your appeal. This letter is sent to inform you of the basics of the appeal process and the work which will be done on your behalf.

Please refer to the fact sheet enclosed for some basic information you may want to know about the appeal process.

Of course, any communication between you and me is privileged information. You need to be careful about what you tell anyone about the facts of your case or what your attorney told you or you told your attorney.

After a careful review of the record and the appealable issues, an appropriate brief will be filed on your behalf.